Reasons I like this video:


2) Mustache


4) Cleverness


6) The feels that arise from the music

7) You thought I was going to say LEGOS again, didn’t you?

The Cool List - #21 “eat more meat”

Gotta admit. Anthony Bourdain has one of the coolest jobs ever. And eating meat is cool. Shut up, diehard vegetarians. You eat your greens and I’ll eat the things that eat them.

Besides, who else eats meat and exudes coolness by the bucket? Oh, I dunno.

You got it, kid. You got it. And if that’s too extreme for you, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xpogo

I actually have to agree with this one. The kid knew what he was talking about; film, with a little bit of effort and pandering to the man, can make one very cool.

Back in high school, we had a film contest. About ninety percent of them were some variation on the spooky, high-schoolers-on-a-camping-trip theme.

The popular vote went to a thriller film made by the hipster chapter at the school. My light-hearted, stop-action, almost-inside-jokey thing took Judge’s Choice. How’d that happen?

Inshallah - lit. "If Allah wills," to mean genuine intent to do something if all ducks line up in a row or to mean a vague promise of doing so.
Pacific Northwest Resident (PNR): Hey, how about going to Starbucks for a half-caf, double foam cappuccino with a shot of bubble tea with two straws?
Non-resident: You bet! Meet you there at three?
PNR: Sure! I'll be there on time if traffic's good, or Inshallah.
Non-resident: Hey, meet me at Starbucks. I want to complain about the rain.
PNR: Errr, I dunno. I might be busy. Meet you at three-ish?
Non-resident: Three...ish? How about exactly at three?
PNR: Ummm, okaayy...inshallah.
TL;DR - Inshallah can be a genuine determination to do something, like meet for coffee, subject to whether important events prevent it actually happening or not, or it can be a tacked-on qualifier to mean if it didn't, it must have been circumstances beyond your control or you just didn't want to or were late. I mean, it must have been made for PNRs with all the "Ish" that happens around here. Even sounds like "Inshallah." Ish. Inshallah. Ish. Inshallah. Ish. Inshallah. Say it aloud to yourself. You'll get it. Good word.

The Cool List - #18 “360’s”

Could he have meant- naaaah, probably too early for the XBOX. Anyway, this kid with the cool list just listed number 18 as “360’s.” So this little girl’s got it down pat, right? She’s turning 360s like a pro.

Too bad sunglasses aren’t on the list. (oops! Spoiler.)


No music from me as such today, but there’s this photo of the wonderful Tomska, wearing my hat!


No music from me as such today, but there’s this photo of the wonderful Tomska, wearing my hat!